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Our founder John Wesley encouraged his followers to spread the good news, transform hopelessness into hope and assist God’s children wherever they may be. Your contributions help with the many programs that serve our members and benefit the

Santa Paula  community.  


El Buen Pastor UMC is one of  few churches in the Santa Paula Community that helps serve the homeless and families in need. Our church is comprised of working class families who have grown up in Santa Paula and want to give back to their community.  Your contributions will help us keep our doors  open and continue to serve those in need.


When you give, you make a difference in the lives of people

Your contributions to your local church have regional, national and international impact through our connectional giving system. Most of the money you give supports your local church’s work. A small portion funds regional ministries. Another portion of your giving goes to the general church to fund programs nationally and internationally, agreed upon by General Conference delegates. We share the cost of these ministries, with each local church being responsible for contributing a fair portion or "apportionment."

John Wesley wrote in regards to money...

"If those who 'gain all they can,' and 'save all they can,' will likewise 'give all they can;' then, the more they gain, the more they will grow in grace, and the more treasure they will lay up in heaven."


Volunteering and being of service is  a rewarding  experience

El Buen Pastor United Methodist Church relies heavily on volunteers and church members to support our worship services, music program, community  outreach activities, Vacation Bible School and library, and much more.


If you are interested in volunteering, we have a place for you. Please email or call (805) 525- 7268


To belong to our congregation is to be a steward.

Some may say that “stewardship” is just a polite way of referring to financial giving to the church. But it’s far more than that.

One character in some of Jesus’ parables is the steward — the servant charged by the master to care for the master’s property. It is the master, not the steward, who owns the property, but the steward is responsible for it and is accountable to the master. So it is, said Jesus, between God and us. As God’s stewards we give out of our gratitude in receiving so abundantly, we want to share with others. Let’s look at four kinds of gifts that we receive, manage, and share:

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